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Glenn and Moira are elders and core leaders at Passion Church. As an assistant pastor, Glenn assists the senior pastor in a variety of pastoral and administrative tasks, overseeing the church website, marketing, and facility maintenance. As the worship pastor, he oversees the Passion worship ministry. Moira is also part of the Passion worship team. Together they have many years experience with church leadership and worship, having served on other worship teams and in various other leadership roles.

Glenn holds a B.Admin degree, a Master of Arts in Education degree, and is an ordained minister. Moira is a family physician with a busy family practice in Tucson. In addition to their worship team contributions, Glenn and Moira have been active in children and youth ministries, puppet ministries, and a number of significant church building projects. Moira has also participated in several medical mission trips to Mexico. They have two daughters, Julia and Zoe. Their heart is to see people saved, healed, and delivered through the awesome power of God.