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World Changers

World Changers is our Passion Children's Ministry for children from ages four through 5th grade. Ministering to children is a great joy and privilege, as well as an awesome responsibility. At Passion Church our desire is to partner with parents to raise up a generation that knows and loves God intimately. We strive to create an environment where learning about God is coupled with knowing God and His great love for us on a deep personal level.

Passion Children

It is our desire that children's experiences with God be powerful and life changing. This is accomplished through teaching fundamental kingdom principles, practical practice of these principles in their daily lives, and consistent challenge and training in developing spiritual disciplines early in life. We want children to find their identity in God at a young age and to know and understand the purposes He has for them so that their lives are filled with purpose and direction. We desire to partner with parents in identifying and developing spiritual gifts from infancy and to nurture these gifts to maturity. Therefore every time we meet our goal is to create an environment where God's presence is felt, God's love is experienced, and God's word is taught.

At World Changers, children are given the opportunity to practice what they are learning and are encouraged to utilize their gifts as they are sent out to take God's presence, love, and word with them into the world. As we believe that it is important for families to worship together and for children to learn from their parents the discipline of entering into worship, our children remain in the sanctuary for our time of corporate worship. This also allows children to experience the various ways God moves during times of worship and allows them opportunity to become an active part of the body.